How to tell us what you think

If you are happy or unhappy about something at Springfield please let us know.


Some complaints can be sorted out quickly and easily. If you speak to a Springfield staff member they might be able to sort out your complaint straight away.

Other complaints are more serious and can be more difficult to sort out.

There are different ways to complain:-

  1. Fill in our online form. web click here
  2. Talk to your key worker or another member of staff.
  3. Contact someone else.
    If you don’t want to contact someone at Springfield there are other people who can help you to make a complaint. People who might be able to help are:-
    • Childline
    • Telephone: tel 0800 1111
    • Website: web click here
    • National Autistic Society helpline
    • Telephone: tel 0845 070 4004
    • Website: web click here
    • Local Government Ombudsman (if you have contacted your local council first and you are still not happy with the outcome)
    • Telephone: tel 0300 061 0614
    • Website: web click here

    • Talk to: Talk to Friends and family – ask your keyworker if you need help finding numbers
    • Talk to: Talk to Your social worker - ask your keyworker if you need help finding numbers